• For Manual Transmission: 091 (4-SPD) GL-4 All TEMPS 80W-90,80W. Manual Transmission & Transaxle Gear Lube 75W-90 ... 1988 Volkswagen VANAGON Transmission Fluid.
  • Aug 17, 2017 · They come in 3, 5, and 6-rib variants, counted by the number of ribs on the top of the transaxle case. 3 and 5-rib transmissions are known as a 002 transaxle, and 6-rib transmissions are known as a 091 transaxle, or a 094 side-shift from a VW Vanagon. Bus transmissions use stronger 100mm Type 2 CV joints.
  • VW Beetle Campmobile Rear Manual Trans Pinion Bearing FAG 091 311 219. ... Vanagon: 1979: Volkswagen: Super Beetle: Base Convertible 2-Door: 1.6L 1584CC 97Cu. In. H4 ...
  • The cheapest option at $400 is what I did, swap my tranny for a used one out of an old air-cooled Vanagon, which has the “tallest” gear ratios available in a stock unmodified transmission. “Tall” meaning 3rd and 4th gears will turn the wheels faster at a lower engine RPM than “shorter” gears would.
  • The 091 Type 2 was chosen because of its strength and versatility. Many of the principles presented will also apply to other years and models such as the earlier model IRS Type 2 (002), and the later Vanagon air/waterboxer gearboxes.
  • Fits: Type 2 Transport 1972-1979 -- Vanagon Air 1980-1983 -- Vanagon 1984-1985 -- Vanagon 1986-1992: VWs No: 091-301-189-Desc: DIFF AXLE SEAL 091301189::: DIFF AXLE SEAL Fits: Vanagon 1986-1992: VWs No: 091-301-191-Desc: GASKET 091301191::: GASKET Fits: SC09GEN.94: VWs No: 100-301-261-Desc: Transmission mount: rear rabbi t jetta, diesel 77-80 4 ...
Test 091: Case 12-20 Tractor Museum ... None was added for the transmission. "c" Page 3 Copy of Report of Official Tractor Test No. 91. REPAIRS AND ADJUSTMENTS:
The table below provides information that will allow for cross-referencing the transaxle code. The transaxle code is stamped into the starter side of Type-1 transmissions, approximately midway between the axle housing and the backup light switch (see photo). Volkswagen Transaxle Codes
Nov 16, 2016 · Andi Durrant & MaRLo - Transmission Radio 091 2016-11-16, 35 tracks, 1h21m, Trance, Progressive House 81 VW Vanagon, 4.3 Chevy Vortec V6, 091 4-speed, 17"MoMo's, AIR Conditioning 1981 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon Technical specifications of Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon 1981
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1988 vw vanagon westfalia full camper 91,920 actual miles rebuilt eng. and trans(US $25,000.00) 1982 - volkswagen bus/vanagon (US $7,000.00) 1984 - volkswagen bus/vanagon (US $9,000.00) By Jim Felder Time: about four hours Tools: nothing special in a modestly-equipped shop. Assumes you have a small cheap inertial puller set. Do one side and then the other. In both cases: Jack up the first side, chock the other. release the emergency brake and then put in neutral. You'll need to lock up either the wheel and other times turn it (to remove and tighten the CV joint bolts) or the ...
Therefore, I drive a 71 Westy, shown below for a second time. 1971 was the last year with the detachable rear apron for an engine removal or installation. However, I do miss my former 74 Bus with a 2 liter Type 4 built to Porsche 914 specs and a 79 Bus 091 transaxle. Transmissions covered. 090 3-speed automatic (rear wheel drive) 091 4-speed manual (rear wheel drive) 094 5-speed manual (rear wheel drive) 094-4WD 5-speed manual Syncro (four wheel drive) Features: Fundamental automotive concepts, with simple explanations of basic troubleshooting, effective workshop practices and tools.

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