• Aug 12, 2014 · However, there is a quick trick on an iPhone to stop Facebook installing Messenger and continue chatting using the normal Facebook app. Not all Facebook users are being forced to use the Messenger ...
  • Nov 04, 2019 · This article explains how you can fix the “this connection is not private” error in iOS and macOS Safari. You are seeing this message because the security check on the site certificate by Safari is...
  • Jul 03, 2013 · Safari for iPhone and iPad will track your search history by default. For users that either share devices with other users or just don't want people nosing through their porn browsing history - hey, we don't judge! - you can enable private browsing which won't track what you're doing and what sites you're visiting.
  • Dec 23, 2020 · OS X 10.9 and 10.11 macOS 10.12 and above: Safari 8 and above Firefox 51 or below 1 Chrome 35 and above 2: OS X 10.8 and below: Firefox 52 + Safari (only on 737s) Latest version of Flash ® Player Plug-in 3 (available in flight 4) Windows Laptop: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10: Internet Explorer 11 5 Firefox 51 or below 2 Chrome 35 and above 2: MS ...
  • iDisplay lets you choose what works best for you - Lightning, 30-Pin, USB-C cable for ultimate performance (currently only for iOS + Mac), or WiFi connection for maximal flexibility. USB connection is coming to Android soon.
  • Jun 23, 2020 · They were used on all known iPhone OS 1.x firmwares. For the 1.1.x series, they were encrypted with the 0x837 key. The discovery of the 0x837 key led to the ability to decrypt any 1.x firmware. Following IMG2 came the IMG3 file format. They were introduced with iPhone OS 2.0 beta 4, and have been in use ever since. In order to maintain their ...
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1Password X – Password Manager. The best way to experience 1Password in your browser. Easily sign in to sites, generate passwords, and store secure information, including logins, credit cards, notes, and more.
An iPhone X of 100% battery drops to 46% without doing anything after upgrading to iOS 14. And another user reported that his iOS 14 iPhone 11 battery jumped from 97% to 80% within half an hour at a lock screen state. Solve problems with battery drain: 1. Always reboot your iPhone; 2. Sep 18, 2018 · Method 1 - Private browsing session. Open a new Private Browsing window (Shift + ⌘ + N) You should see the link to add an exception for the site. Note that this exception only persists during that private browsing session. This definitely works in a pinch, or when you're doing a bunch of HTTPS testing. Method 2 - Clear HSTS cache
I've had reports of it happening with Safari on a MacBook Pro as well as a few iPads. From what I can see, it seems to affect about 15% of my Safari users. I can't replicate the issue on my MacBook Air or my iPhone so I don't know what's going on. Has anyone else had this problem before? No problems for any of my Chrome, Firefox, or IE/Edge users.
Jan 29, 2020 · Solution No.2: Clear Safari history and website data. If you launched Safari and wanted to play a video, but video playback is not working, you should clear Safari history and website data. Go to Settings and choose Safari. Tap Clear History and Website Data and when a pop-up window shows up, confirm your action by tapping on Clear History and ... Our complete guide to iPhone security contains essential security tips for protecting your iPhone (and the sensitive data stored on it) from prying eyes and hackers. Here's everything you need to ...
This article explains how you can fix the "this connection is not private" error in iOS and macOS Safari. You are seeing this message because the security check on the site certificate by Safari is failed. This could be about https vs. http.Nov 05, 2019 · To wipe the current iPhone that you have is a pretty long process. Go to where you reset your regular password to unlock your iPhone and change the settings under it so that it wipes the iPhone if the password is attempted more than ten times. Put in your password ten times and it will completely reset the iPhone.

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