• SONY Reader Touch Edition PRS-650 (B) [ブラック]についての情報を交換するなら、日本最大級の「価格.com クチコミ掲示板」で。
  • Find support information for PRS-650. Our site is not optimized for your current browser. We recommend downloading and installing the latest version of one of the following browsers:
  • Aug 14, 2010 · Sony Insider reports that the Sony PRS-650 will get a six inch screen while the PRS-350 will be slightly smaller at 5 inches. Capacity is also said to increase from 512MB to 2GB. It isn’t clear which of the two models will get the memory bump, but perhaps both will. Another interesting note is that the PRS-650 could get wireless and 3G ...
  • This device looks like a refined version of Sony's previous full-size reader (the PRS-700), with a 6-inch, 8-grayscale E Ink screen framed by a metallic case (available in silver, black, or red). Though it's on the heavy side for a reader (at just over 10 ounces), it's only a couple of ounces heavier than its smaller sibling, the Sony Reader ...
  • prs-650、prs-350、ebr-1000ep の主な違い 比較項目 reader リブリエ prs-650 prs-350 ebr-1000ep ディスプレイ サイズ 6型 5型 6型 表示色 16階調グレースケール 4階調グレースケール 電池 内蔵型リチウムイオン充電池
  • Dernière-née de Sony, la liseuse Reader Wifi PRS T3 succède à la PRS-T2.Dévoilée à l'IFA, nous avions pu observer que cette nouvelle génération arrive avec plusieurs évolutions par ...
About Sony PRS-650BC E-Reader Touch Digital Book, Black Experience a full touch screen that reads like a real book on the Reader Touch Edition. Turn pages with the swipe of a finger and enjoy fast and intuitive navigation of your favorite books.
Aug 31, 2011 · Reader Wi-Fi (model: PRS-T1) by Sony is available in Europe from October 2011, depending on country. The Reader Wi-Fi will cost around £130 in the UK. - Sony Reader Wi-Fi hands-on.
The Wi-Fi service may be temporarily unavailable or degraded. Check with the administrator of the Wi-Fi service for the status. Check if any extra settings such as encryption key (WEP/WPA), fixed IP address, or proxy are required to connect to the Wi-Fi network. The access point may be configured to filter or block access by MAC address. Dec 07, 2009 · Device: Sony PRS-300, 505, 600, 650, 950 You need to include my code from applicationStart.xml for it to work. You can send me the fonts you want it to have and I'll create new_opt.img with them.
The Sony PRS-650 Reader Touch is a thing of beauty, which works brilliantly. But its lack of wireless connectivity and high price tag may be too much for some. But Sony, with little fanfare, has managed to impress TechRadar with the fantastic quality of its latest Reader, the Sony PRS-650 Reader Touch.
Sie brauchen Hilfe für Produkte von Sony Electronics? Finden Sie umfassende Supportinformationen für Produkte von Sony. Reset the Reader by pressing the RESET hole. Then, slide the power switch to turn on the Reader again. To learn how to reset the Reader, please click here .
【動作品】SONY ソニー 電子書籍 リーダー Reader PRS-650 ブラック 電子ブック タッチペン付 希少 レア. 現在 1,980円 This article is devoted to replacement of e-Ink screen on your Sony Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T3. The main difficulty is to remove old double-sided tape by which screen holds on main body. ED060XC5(LF)C1 screen have been used as a new part.

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