• A reed switch consists of two magnetic contacts in a glass tube filled with protective gas: When a magnet comes close to a reed switch the two contacts become magnetized and attracted to each other allowing an electrical current to pass through.
  • Reed definition, the straight stalk of any of various tall grasses, especially of the genera Phragmites and Arundo, growing in marshy places. See more.
  • Buttons) Micro Switches PCB Mounted Switches DIP Switches Power On/Off Switches Reed Switch Thermal Switch Joystick | Arcade Buttons Toggle Switch Touch Switches SMD Components SMD...
  • Note this is also called "wire wrap wire" in many circles. Spoiler: Bent reed switch. This is one of the main items different from what most people have done. This approach takes less space and allows the wires to exit the reed switch from the same side toward the connector.
  • Reed switch pipe can be used as a sensor, counter, limit, and door magnetic, magnetic window in the security system. Switching Current : 0.5AMin. Reed Switch. The reed switch's application is to detect the opening of a door, when used as a proximity switch for a burglar alarm.
  • A reed switch consists of a sealed glass tube containing a pair of ferrous metal contacts. When a magnetic field comes close to the reed switch, the two contacts come together enabling a current to pass through the switch. Most commonly reed switches are used in burglar alarm systems in which they act as window and door sensors.
Aleph DC-1561 Surface Mount Magnetic SPST Reed Switch Alarm Contact: $0.99. G23182 (Pkg 10) CotoRI-03 Reed Switch: PDF Datasheet Available: $2.50. G23250
Jul 30, 2012 · Reed Switch. Created on: 30 July 2012. A reed switch is a magnetically operated switch – moving a magnet near to the switch will cause it to close (if it has normally open contacts). A picture of a reed switch is shown below. The switch contacts of a reed switch are sealed in an airtight glass tube.
Testing Reed switches and Relays for Reliability (cont.) ate reliability statistics can be determined . The objective is to find a modeling function that closely fits the available data, and can used for interpolation or judicious extrapolation to find estimates of the MCBF and other reliability statistics . Receptacle Reed Switch for EZ-GO TXT PowerWise Chargers 1996+. OEM: 73051G07; 5622. Add to Cart EZGO TXT PowerWise Receptacle Reed Switch - Electric 1996+ $32.95 $ ...
Reed Switches. Narrow Results of 3 Next. Sort By. View. SKU: GRI100TWIND GRI 100-T-WIND Closed Loop Miniature Switch Set, 160 VDC, 0.4 A . Add to Cart. SKU ...
MAGNASPHERE AS REED SWITCH ALTERNATIVE: High-stress applications that require a more robust switch such as Small-Engine Oil level sensing, Off-Highway Vehicles and Automotive. • Applications with high levels of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) such as Generators and Motors. High-volume applications that require automatic insertion or surface-mount printed circuit board assembly of insert molding such as Utility Metering Devices and Automotive Switches. >Browse Reed Switches parts for details, datasheets, alternatives, pricing and availability. REED SWITCH, SPST-NO, 0.5A, 200VDC, SMD; Product Range:CT10 Series; Contact Configuration...
or eliminated from the Reed Switch). To obtain consistent Pull-In and Drop-out results, saturating the Reed Switch with a strong magnetic field first, before taking the Pull-In measurement will produce more consistent results. (see Figure #5). When measured in a coil, or specifically, a Reed Relay, the Pull-in is subject to changes at different Switch Type. Magnetic Reed (1). Security Alarm Reed Switch - Double Throw. CAT.NO: LA5070. $6.25.

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