• PuffCo Peak Travel Glass. $134.99 Natures Way Glass. PuffCo Peak Travel Pack. $34.99 ... Pulsar Rok. $259.99 Natures Way Glass. Purple Cheese & Yellow Recycler from ...
  • If you're looking for affordable options vs the Puffco Peak vs Focus Carta, the Pulsar RöK is a definitely a solid contender. The RöK's quartz cup bucket ensure that you get maximum flavor and terpene profiles from every hit, and the removable cup is easy to clean after each dab.
  • Aug 30, 2019 · Today we examine two devices: Dr. Dabber’s Switch and Puffco’s Peak.Both are close to the same price point (currently $20 less on the Puffco side). Both are loaded with features, and both are close to the most elaborate rigs the average consumer would invest in.
  • The RoK is a popular e-rig that was created by Pulsar. Unlike the Puffco Peak, the RoK can be used with both herbs and wax. The RoK has great draw resistance and features a disc percolator. Every purchase comes with a 1 Year Warranty and Free gift. Get your RoK Today! What’s Included: Dab Tool; Wire Brushes 2x; Wax Carb Cap; Coilless Quartz Cup
  • Pulsar RoK Air Path Tube Replacement. £8.99 Pulsar RoK Disc Perc Downstem - Blue. £12.49 ... Puffco The Peak Glass Attachment by iDab - White Stripes ...
  • The Puffco Peak is an innovative self-contained water-cooled “concentrates” vaporizer that has gained considerable popularity with both newbies and veteran dabbers, and has helped advance the concentrates marketplace onto its modern evolution. It achieves its purpose of turning the previously complex array of process and equipment normally required for the proper vaping of concentrates ...
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Pulsar Cosmic Gate Remix. $1.29. Link: ... Rock Mafia, ... Richard Bedford W&W vs Armin van Buuren Remix.
Carb Caps restrict airflow to maximize vapor diffusion and optimize your terps for the best flavor possible. Aqua Lab carries every type of carb cap from directional, bubble, UFO and Puffco Peak style glass carb caps. Nov 23, 2020 · KandyPens Oura vs Pulsar Rök vs Puffco Peak: Which Rig Guidelines? September 20, 2019. Pure Nectar and Truth Cartridges: Fake THC Oil Brands. April 11, 2019. Categories.
PuffCo Peak Oil Vaporizer-$ 379.99. Full details ... HUNI BADGER. HUNI BADGER Vertical Vaporizer-$ 180.00. $ 190.00. Full details. Quick buy. Pulsar. Pulsar RoK ...
Puffco Peak Pro. $524.99. Add To Cart. Puffco Peak. $369.99. Add To Cart. Puffco Plus Vision. $124.99 $149.99. Add To Cart. Pulsar RoK Electric Dab Rig. $299.99. Add ... Puffco Peak. PuffCo. $299.95. Add to Cart. Xvape Vista Mini 2. XVAPE. $159.99. Add to Cart. Pulsar Elite Series Mini Enail. Pulsar. $179.99. Add to Cart. Pulsar RöK ...
Dec 25, 2020 · This is the Pulsar APX portable dry herb vaporizer and it’s currently the cheapest herbal vape I recommend at only $60.. I’m actually surprised by how much of a well-rounded package it is for the price, it’s a good value if you really don’t wanna spend a lot. Pulsar RoK is one of the most portable dab rigs by Pulsar vaporizers. The device can vaporize both waxy concentrates and herbal materials as it has two removable atomizers; quartz for dabbing while the ceramic is for herbs. You can choose from three different voltage/temperature settings and unique disc percolator to diffuse your vapor.

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