• Leesburg Concrete Company produces a wide array of precast concrete products from stair treads to complete buildings and architectural cladding. As a precaster, we are proud to be a licensed Easi-Set producer and offer the finest, most durable, precast concrete buildings.
  • Dec 19, 2019 · We are still in 2012 IRC and under R311.7.6 Exception:A floor or landing is not required at the top of an interior flight of stairs, including stairs in an enclosed garage, provided the door door not swing over the stairs. They might have got rid of that exception in 2015.
  • Feb 26, 2019 · 20 Ideas for Prefab Stairs Outdoor Home Depot – If you want to see how various other residences look in order to give you some decorating ideas, then take a home trip online. If you have no time to leave your home, you might as well try doing an on-line study to find home decoration ideas.
  • Jul 05, 2020 · Prefab Outdoor Stairs. Should you be decorating a third party staircase, like your porch or a gazebo you might want to consider utilizing live, dangling flowers as well as other plants. Certainly, lots of people opt to create little flowerpot gardens on the outdoor staircases, locating a diverse caterogy of plant in a pot on each of your step. Help to make your staircase garden as attractive ...
  • Pacific Stair Corporation's 400 Series Precast Stair System is a hassle-free and economical solution for apartment building stairs. We provide the engineered connections, stringers, platforms, and rails.
  • Stair & railing (StairLite) only option for very mobile customers that have large steps, low risers and sturdy railings. Modular design provides for size scalability, portability and simple assembly. Multiple decks and/or stairs in many configurations to create larger raised patio’s.
The Solar Powered Legacy Class Outdoor Stair Lift is the world's first "green" stair lift. No electricity required. Developed with Missouri University.
BPS Deluxe Modular Space Saving Staircase Best value Deluxe Modular Staircase on the market –manufactured to our own specification. No special tools needed to put together and has a flexible design, meaning you can configure the stairs as a straight flight or with a turn – suit any application.
CONCRETE MASONRY UNITS. CONCRETE MASONRY UNITS. Skip to content Milbank designs, manufactures and installs precast concrete stairs and landings. Modern, versatile, cost-effective & fire-resistant stairs that can accommodate progressive collapse requirements. Spiral and curved precast stairs, prefab concrete steps & concrete landings for all building types. Call Milbank today.
OUTDOOR Daly City CHAIR STAIRLIFTS Access your outdoor living spaces with an Outdoor Curved stair lift. Custom-made for your stairs, Outdoor Curved stair lifts precisely matches the distance, elevation and angles of your stairway. Relax outdoors with an easy-to-use Outdoor Curved stair lift - built specifically for your home.
For safety these steps are also available with electric heat to melt winter snow and ice. Shawnee Steps are available in various models. Standard with 14" top step (porch step) Standard with a landing 30" or 42" deep. Sideways (left or right), 50" X 60", 50" X 72" Two-way (4' X 5' platform) Terrace Steps (various widths) Shawnee Steps Stair Treads. Pet-friendly, slip-resistant carpet stair treads from Dean Flooring Company can make your home safer and more attractive. We carry rugs, runners and mats for stairs to help prevent people and pets from losing their footing on slippery staircases.
Prefab Metal Stair. Paragon’s prefab metal stairs offer high-quality, attractive staircase designs and are ready-to-ship in only 7 to 10 business days. If you’re in need of a quick and easy staircase solution and don’t want to sacrifice the integrity or code-compliancy of your stairs, prefab metal stairs are the ideal product for indoor and outdoor metal staircase needs. 11. Outdoor Metal Industrial Circular Stair Design. Your outdoor space holds tons of potential. Don’t limit yourself to choosing standard staircase options for your outdoor area. Outdoor staircases are the perfect way to maximize your square footage and create a unique and trendy space that joins your lower and upper levels together.

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