• Full Width Template In 1826, the first white man to set foot in Little Bear Valley (now known as Lake Arrowhead) was a fur trader, who was a partner of Jedediah Smith. At that time, about 40 Paiute Indians, a warlike tribe, used the mountains for their hunting grounds. They lived in the high desert…
  • Restaurants near Paiute Park Restaurants in this area are known for American, Contemporary American, Italian, Steakhouse and Japanese cuisines. Some of the popular local menu items include Filet Mignon, Lamb Chops, Martinis, Chocolate Churros and Bacon Wrapped Dates.
  • Native American travois for dog Native American travois for horse: A travois, also known as a drag sled, was a traditional Native American tool for carrying loads overland.
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  • The Paiute in the area developed a mythology surrounding the hoodoos (pinnacles) in Bryce Canyon. They believed that hoodoos were the Legend People whom the trickster Coyote turned to stone. At least one older Paiute said his culture called the hoodoos Anka-ku-was-a-wits, which is Paiute for “red painted faces”.
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Apr 26, 2016 · The Vore Buffalo Jump is located halfway between Sundance, Wyo., and Spearfish, S.D. From Sundance, head east on Interstate 90. Take Exit 199 and turn left. Travel under the interstate and turn right onto the next access road (old U.S. Highway 14); continue three miles to the site, located just south of the access road.
Types of Arrowheads Lanceolate Arrowheads. The lanceolate arrowheads include: Auriculate: An auriculate arrowhead is a fish-shaped arrowhead that includes auricles or ears which point downward at an angle. Lanceolate: With a straight or concave base, a lanceolate arrowhead has a blade that expands out from the tip, narrowing back in near the base.
Mar 17, 2018 · The Paiute peoples of the Great Basin are widely known for their basketry, a fine example of which is shown above. This basket, probably made in the nineteenth century, was used by the Paiute to carry and store water, a precious resource in the arid Great Basin country. Aug 14, 2020 · Wanted for my personal collection: Indian arrowheads / Indian artifacts (stone items, axe heads, shaft straighteners, metates, etc.) Must be old, ancient, and authentic. Above are pics of the quality I am looking for (no "junkers" please).
May 18, 2020 · The museum preserves treasures from the site, including pottery, baskets, and arrowheads. Spend a day at the museum, take a hike on the trails, and then camp at nearby Castle Rock Campground or Sam Stowe Campground. Stay the night in a teepee or the new pithouse. The area also includes access to the world-famous Paiute ATV trail.
Hi Trent, The quartz looking tool really looks like it is worked. A common tool. Most sites with lots of Artifacts to find will always have more tools than anything else. Yosemite - Mono Lake Paiute, Bridgeport Paiute, and Owens Valley Paiutes used obsidian for all types of hunting as they traveled through out the area. Arrowheads of the California and Great Basin ...
Completed in the 1920s, Lake Arrowhead Village was constructed on precipitous lands once trod by Paiute and Serrano tribes and left vacant by a failed 1890s irrigation project. The picturesque community drew Hollywood’s cameras, as well as its leisure-seeking stars. Arrows - Arrowheads - Bows - Lightnings: Andrew Alvary Navajo: Stanley Parker Navajo: Jim Williams Navajo: Et-Sitty-Tsosie Navajo d. 1937: Verna Blackgoat Navajo (worked for Alltribes) Haskie Leonard Navajo: Moses Jack Navajo: David Sandoval, Navajo: Charlie Singer Navajo: Ike Wilson Navajo : Sam Lovato Santo Domingo: Art Lewis Choctaw: Art ...

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