• Anime/Manga: Overlord/オーバーロード fanfiction archive with over 881 stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans.
  • See full list on overlordmaruyama.fandom.com
  • The Second Player [A Overlord Fanfiction] 226K 4.4K 1.6K [A OVERLORD FAN STORY] The popular DMMO-RPG YGGDRASIL servers finaly start to shut down after 12 years of operation.When the servers shut down,a new world begins.
  • Overlord Fanfiction Volumes 12, 13 & 14 done! The story continues with "Volume 15: The Myriad Betrayals" Philip's saga comes to an end, Theocracy plans to attack Nazarick from within, and PDL joins the fray!
  • Overlord Episode 4 Angels (天使) are magical beings that are summoned from another realm and a race players could choose to be. Many people believe that they are God's envoys, especially the people of the Slane Theocracy.
  • Anime/Manga: Overlord/オーバーロード fanfiction archive with over 881 stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans.
Angel's soul has been returned, but Angel is saying goodbye. Hard Choices In the aftermath of 'The Dark Age', Jenny Calendar tries to reconcile her obligation to her clan with her involvement with the Slayerettes. Hold On More Buffy/Angel angst, based on the Sarah McLachlan song. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Read chapter -1 - Reeaaaddd Thhiiisssssssssssss!!!!! of novel True Overlord True Overpowered for free, written by GhonSensei in Webnovel, total Chapters: 17.
[Hazbin Hotel][Hazbin Hotel] [Helluva Boss] Frank è un semplice ragazzo di campagna, ma ha sempre vissuto con un senso di insoddisfazione inspiegabile. Un giorno, però, delle creature di nostra conoscenza attentano alla sua vita, facendo sorgere finalmente un interesse da tempo perduto. Nov 07, 2015 · Overlord LN Fanfic Ideas, Recommendations, and Discussion ... such as perhaps Albedo being an angel but basically looking the same other than wing color and halo ...
((Overlord x Seven Deadly Sins)) Our main character is a player in YGGDRASIL. Being one of the top leading Hermaphortic player in the game has it's pros and cons. However, the game is coming to an end. Sybil Kurukulla had decided to stay, wanting to remember her moments of being in this game for...
Apr 12, 2019 · Overlord Fanfiction - The Seventh Great God 12.2K 116 57 Red3000 or Alex(real life name) is half demon and half angel and also an hacker of Yggdrasil, but only used his powers for good like Touch-Me, he almost never used his p... He was the only angel in the guild and he was a fallen angel. He first specialized in necromancy and instant death magic but after he realized he liked playing the wild card slot of a party. He consulted with Punitto Moe, Warrior Takemikazuchi, and Touch Me about what they thought.
~WMB~ Naruto Fanfiction ~Path of Indifference~ Harry Potter Fanfic ~Kariya’s Legacy~ Fate Stay Night Fanfic. KL ~Prologue~ KL ~Chapter 1~ KL ~Chapter 2~ KL ~Chapter 3~ KL ~Chapter 4~ KL ~Chapter 5~ KL ~Chapter 6~ Fan Fiction 2 ~Crimson Regret~ The Breaker: New Waves Fan-fiction ~Into the Darkness~ Veritas Fanfiction Great little fanfcition about an OC Guild that is Angel Themed arriving in the New World in the Draconic Kingdom. Again sadly it doesnt appear to be updating anymore but what is there I really like. ... Falling to Temptation is a must read if your gonna read "mature" Overlord Fanfiction. Ainz is basically a Doppleganger like his son Pandora's ...

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