• Overkill has discontinued tuning and products for the LS4 W-Body platform. Thank you to all my customers for the last 8+ years of interest in my LS4 offerings, I will affectionatly remember my decade plus of W-Body ownership and what it brought for my professionally.
  • H &R lowering springs, Upgraded rear sway bar, Cross drilled and slotted brake rotors, Ceramic brake pads, 4B11 header, High flow cat, Res delete, Magnaflow muffler, Light weight main crank pulley, Ported throttle body, Custom intake, Ported and polished Evo intake manifold, Evo fuel rail, Stock Exterior, Stock Interior.
  • Upper intake manifold with a new gasket on the lower intake manifold and torque the bolts, in sequence, to: 105 inch lbs. (12 Nm). Hope helps (remember to rate this answer).
  • Once you have the intake off, you need to port-match the intake ports on the cylinder head. Don't even consider porting the intake until you've port-matched the heads. It's OK -- even desirable -- to have a manifold port that's slightly smaller than the head port, but you never want it the other way around.
  • Does anybody know the lower intake manifold torque spec and sequence? I plan on ordering a manual, but don't have one yet. I will be putting the new Perma Dry Fel-Pro gaskets in.
  • Mar 21, 2016 · He took a 2000 SL1 and swapped the 1.9 L inline-four to a 5.3 L LS4 V8 sourced from a 2006 Impala SS. The engine retains the stock 243 heads but has a LS9 valvetrain with DoD (displacement on demand) delete package and a Professional Products Typhoon intake manifold with a 102 mm throttle body.
For GM LS1 LS2 LS4 LS6 LS7 Aluminium Intake Manifold 102MM Throttle Body Kits Silver EP-TB102LS1 € 96.75 300 in stock
The intake manifold is a crucial part of your engine. Learn more about what an intake manifold does and why they're so important. The intake manifold is the part of an engine that supplies fresh air to the cylinders.
The LS4 is the only front-wheel-drive LS engine, so its intake won’t help with any traditional north-south swaps. Other issues that need to be addressed include sensor locations, especially the MAP sensor, fuel-line plumbing and throttle bodies. Yeah I realize turbos have to be different. The check valve in the intake manifold non replaceable is pretty dumb. Or could be genius get people top pay 1000 bucks for a pcv failure. But in all seriousness there has to be some engineering reason as to why they require the fuel injectors be replaced. I can see the throttle body with the intake.
May 03, 2000 · Do you have the LS4 intake? The LS4 will also have a 4 bolt TB vs the 3 bolt of the truck TB and the LS4 is DBW vs your DBC. And the injector plugs are different. Buy a used LS1 intake move the idle pulley to reroute belt, mod the water pump inlet. But just mock up your motor and see if the truck intake actually clears. That cost nothing.
There should be around .040- inch clearances under both ends of the manifold, as this allows the manifold to settle. Check for both bolt hole alignment and intake port alignment. Once you are satisfied, put a little silicone around the water ports and the bottom of the intake ports along with a bead at each end of the block. In addition to the premium build quality, our fabricated manifold includes intelligent design features that set it apart from the rest. A 102mm throttle body opening and velocity-stacked intake runners guarantee maximum airflow for high-horsepower applications, and individual port o-rings ensure a tight seal to your cylinder heads.
LSXR 102mm Intake Manifold; LS3, L99, L92, L76 . $989.97. Wish List Compare. LSXR 102mm Intake Manifold for LS1/LS2/LS6 . $989.97. Wish List Compare ... The LS4 includes an aluminum block and a flattened water pump to accommodate the transverse mounting position found in the Impala and Grand Prix. LS7 The LS7 is standard in the Corvette Z06, and its 7.0L displacement (427 cubic inches) means it’s the largest LS engine offered in production vehicles.

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