• Only once-fired military and police brass is used in loading. This brass is acid washed, processed to SAAMI specifications, and electromagnetically inspected for thin walls and defects to ensure safe internal tolerances. In the loading process, FedArm uses only the top quality powders and primers.
  • Once fired rifle brass in popular calibers. 5.56/.223 Mixed Headstamp 100 casings: $11.99 (1) Subscribe
  • loaded with once fired brass and a full metal jacket projectile . velocity: 3,240 ft/sec. (16in barrel) 100 rounds per box . this ammo ships from colorado and may incur additional shipping costs if you purchase other non grace ammo products . if you order from illinois, you must send a copy of your foid card and drivers license to : info ...
  • In comparison, once-fired Lake City military brass from Diamond K Brass is 29 cents per case or a little under 6 cents per case for 5 reloads. I just got through processing and sorting 500 223 cases from Diamond k brass, out of 500 I found 2 Berdan primed cases and 1 with a cracked case neck...
  • Fully-processed, .223 Remington / 5.56 NATO once fired brass cases Cases have been wet-tumbled, ROLL SIZED, deprimed/decapped, swaged, trimmed to 1.750" +/- 0.003", resized and then wet-tumbled a second time to remove any remaining debris. May include a variety of headstamps and manufacturers All brass should be inspected prior to loading.
  • Reloading Brass; Rifle Brass.223 Rem / 5.56 NATO ... We started in 2010 to offer competitively priced specialty and bulk ammo. ... I have not had a misfire or jam out ...
223/5.56 Brass All our reprocessed brass has been through a rigorous process to ensure a high quality product. For unprimed brass, two 100 count bags will fit in a small flat rate box, and several 250 count bags will fit in a medium. Primed brass will ship UPS and you will be provided a shipping price before you finalize your order.
Bulk processing of 223 brass. Brass is cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner, allowed to dry, sprayed with case lube, then placed in the Hornady Case Feeder. I found this Site Called Brass Bombers and they have Once fired Military brass. They have .223/5.56 308/7.62 50 BMG 300 min mag and 9MM.
From Fast Casual to Bulk Meal Boxes. Renata's in Portland, Oregon, known for their fresh handmade pasta and wood-fired pizza, quickly sold out of their par-baked pizzas for home delivery.4) new Remington brass, not that expensive 5) once fired Lake City 5.56 NATO brass from places like Wideners or a few other places that sell the stuff in bulk...very cheap compared to the new brass. I ASSUME the Hornady brass in Hornady factory 75 grain BTHP is similar to the Hornady 168 grain match ammo.
Fire The Pop up.
Premium Once Fired Brass. Premium Once Fired Brass is typically available in 9MM, 40SW, 45ACP, 223/556 and 308 from law enforcement ranges. These quality brass shell casings have matching head stamps from US ammunition manufacturers mostly Federal, Winchester, Speer, Remington and Hornady. This is truly once fired brass and the matching head ... Bulk Brass from Top Brass is 100% load-ready, guaranteed-once-fired military brass that's been fully reconditioned for your reloading needs. All rifle (.223) brass is military once-fired and has received a case-mouth trim to ensure consistent length, while all military/commercial-mix 100% reconditioned...
The world, such as it is, how do you "sort out the wheat from the chaff" in .223? Eg., I use a LE Wilson case gauge to determine degree of stretch in once-fired brass. Especially bulk purchase stuff. Looking to cull brass that might have come from a Minimi, as 249 headspace specs are pretty generous. Not too likely to see such brass at most ranges. Each cartridge in this box of 40 fires a 55 grain pre-fragmented projectile and once fired brass that has been cleaned and reloaded with fresh components including non-corrosive Boxer primers. Place an order for $99 or more and get free shipping from AmmoMan.com--it's a great deal for both range loads and self-defense ammo.

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