• Natsu and Lisanna have barely interacted since she got back. They were a couple that the whole guild knew about and even Gildarts expected them to take the next step and wanted to know how their relationship had advanced since he had been gone. The anime handled them better than the manga...
  • Natsu & Lucy V.S Natsu & Lisanna. ~Sango-No-Tajiyaa~ says: Many people watch Fairy Tail,and the protagonist,Natsu Dragneel have two girls so much Lisanna Strauss is a girl so much cute and adorable (like Lucy) she was a girl important in the life of Natsu,i like her just a little bit more off Lucy.
  • Natsu: Originally posted by weirdo-on-the-web. Natsu is naive and trust worthy to an extent, he doesn’t blame his s/o for having trust in others. He loves that about you that your easily able to make friends and see the good in others but he does worry a bit in the case of danger.
  • I love how they go by their real names, especially Beomgyu sounds cute.. And not some nicknames they are gonna regret later (sorry I look at you BTS 😂). Am I the only one who thinks Beomgyu has the best visual? Also I cant choose my bias between Kai and Beomgyu.
  • 6/28/2019 c29 2 FireShifter Ah! THANK YOU! I can't tell how relieved to hear that Zeref FINALLY actually listens to Natsu for the first time! It seems to me that Zeref, along with everyone else, were convinced that once Natsu started dating Lisanna, everyone was ecstatic for dear Lisanna, that she dating and than marrying childhood crush, nobody seemed to actually consider what Natsu REALLY ...
  • Дополнения: FAIRY TAIL: Bonus Lacrima (Handy in the Game's Early Stages) x 5 FAIRY TAIL: Special Erza Costume: Miss Fairy Tail FAIRY TAIL: Natsu's Costume Fairy Tail Team A FAIRY TAIL: Lucy's Costume Fairy Tail Team A FAIRY TAIL: Gray's Costume Fairy Tail Team A FAIRY TAIL: Erza's...
See more of Lisanna x natsu on Facebook. NALI natsu x lisanna. Artist. Gray X Lucy.
no that is absolutely wrong, mashima-san doesn`t want lisanna to come back but there was one of his workers like lisanna and that person requested the animation maker to make lisanna come back. when mashima-san found out he got mad, i think mashima-san wanted to make lucy and natsu together just like the rave master. furthermore there is a lot of scene or episodes that can prove that mashima ...
Fanfiction. A man walking back home from a convenience store at night had found a multi-colored jewel on the ground. The moment he picked said jewel Note: This story is not a typical fanfiction. It is mainly an authentic work. This story only uses some monster names/appearances, names of...On Fighting Festival arc (Laxus arc) in chapter 108, Natsu and Gajeel can't get out from the guild because of Freed's runes. But the rule says that statues or people above 80 are not allowed to get out from the guild.
Jan 29, 2017 · Lucy Heartfilia is a 17 year old girl, who has a major crush on Natsu Dragneel. One day, Lucy completely falls for Natsu. But when the both of them attend a party, ultimate chaos erupts, causing the two to become distant from each other. Will they be able to repair their relationship or will it all ...
(Natsu X Listener) ANIME ASMR Natsu Wants You To Stay In Fairy Tail (belongs to AkiraDubs). 2 years ago2 years ago. Imma leave cause lisanna wanna come back alive. Posted 3 days ago3 days ago.3 regret to do:feel sorry to give bad news. regret doing:fell sorry for what you did in the past. 4 try to do:make an effort to do something. remember doing:soemthing happened in the past and now you remember it. Choose the correct option. 1 Kids!Please stop.
Natsu leaps up with vigor, "Let's get going then!" His vertical momentum is halted by a delicate fist smashing him back to the ground. Lisanna checks him for bruising as Mira retorts, "Not you, crybaby. This is a Strauss only mission." With a low growl, Natsu glares at the demon. lisanna lisanna strauss natsu natsu dragneel bickslow lucy lucy heartfilia sting sting eucliffe laxus laxus dreyar gray gray fullbuster jackal rogue rogue cheney fairy tail fanfiction statistics phantom statistician.

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