• This versatile multi-purpose grease is primarily suitable for heavy-duty lubrication. Original Lanoguard Grease can be used wherever petroleum grease is used, with the exception of high-speed bearings. It is ideal for pins, bushes, splines, shafts, battery terminals, as an anti-seize on nuts and bolts and can be used as rubber grease.
  • - Grease - Gear lube and pump - Torque wrench - Large flathead screwdriver. Marine Parts Warehouse is a dealer for Sterndrive Engineering. We sell new replacement SEI lower units for $845.00 and they come with a three-year warranty — and you can install it yourself without any special tools.
  • Marine Wire Rope & Hawser Grease . Water-Resistant Lubricant 0°F to 325°F, -18°C to 163°C Greases, Wire Rope Lubricants & Oils ...
  • Jul 26, 2011 · SynMax University conducted a one year performance evaluation test for the Bert Transmission Ball Spline application. This test was between Bert Blue Magic Grease and Mobile 1 .
  • Boats can also have an annoying rattling sound that happens when there is space between parts of the hatch. Although most new boats feature watertight marine hatch seals that seal out water and help reduce annoying rattles, many older boats weren’t manufactured with these seals. Or, if they did, the boat hatch seals may have worn out over time.
  • For questions, consult your authorized Suzuki Marine Dealer. Page 42 Marine-grade water resistant water resistant grease grease (Grease Gun) Propeller shaft DF200 transaom “L” Steering bracket Trim ram pad Mount oil seal cover NOTE: Before applying grease through the steering bracket grease nipple, lock the motor in the fully tilted up ...
Officially, BMW recommends their grease, but gearheads have noticed that BMW spline greases have always been a little on the thin side, and we all know that thin grease just squirts out between the splines and splatters around somewhere else. There's a lot of pressure on the surface of the splines.
Marine Trailer Wheelbearing Grease 14 oz Cartridge - No. 11402 Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name
Specially designed for four stroke oil pump seals, drive shaft splines and drive shaft bushing area. For four stroke and two stroke applications. Yamaha WR No. 2 Grease - 250 g - 90790-74046-00 - Drive Shaft Spline & Oil Pump Seal Grease - PartsVu Aug 10, 2020 · New impellers usually come with some grease or lubricant. Put that around the fins and then slide it in, taking care to put it in the right way round – it has a front and a back – and that you bend the fins in the direction that the engine will turn – normally bent towards the engine side and away from the sea- water inlet.
Spline Grease. $120.00. Spline Grease provides top-quality protection for cambered axle drive flanges, sprint car drivelines and much more. Spline Grease quantity. Add to cart. SKU: DRO-SPLINEGREASE. Category: Spline Grease. To enquire about larger quantity orders of this product, please Contact Us. Description.
Mercury Marine outboard grease works fairly well (Napa 18-9200). You can substitute Texaco Starplex 2 'with moly' which should be purchasable both with moly and without. You can try Caterpillar spline lube, "Desert Gold Grease 129-1939, NLG1-2, with 5% moly." To protect these components from wear you need a lubricant that can stand up to the abuse. Sierra Pro Performance Grease is that grease. This lithium based lubricant is formulated to provide excellent corrosion protection in both saltwater and freshwater conditions and performs in temperatures from -40°F—350°F.
Dec 08, 2019 · Can I use a standard Marine waterproof grease very lightly on the male on the male spline instead of the Teflon Grease? Marine Mechanic: Noel Schembri , Marine Mechanic replied 7 months ago So as for cleaning it is not a bad idea but be careful with removing the metal fragments as you may damage the splines and will prevent the shaft from going in. Prolan anti-seize grease is a natural extremely high performance and environmentally friendly food grade anti-seize. It is safe and clean to handle and easy to apply. It has been salt fog tested and approved to ASTM B117 and DIN9227 standards.

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