• laryngoplegia: Paralysis of the laryngeal muscles. from The Century Dictionary. noun Paralysis of the laryngeal muscles.
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  • Laryngoplegia Laryngoplegia: Laryng/0- larynx + -plegia-paralysis Laryngoplegia is the paralysis of the larynx or better known as the voice box Damaged vocal cord because of Laryngoplegia By: Rona James Laryngoplegia What organ/s does Laryngoplegia effect?
We found 5 dictionaries that include the word laryngoplegia ▸ Words that often appear near laryngoplegia. ▸ Rhymes of laryngoplegia.
Looking for online definition of laryngoplegia in the Medical Dictionary? laryngoplegia explanation free. Meaning of laryngoplegia medical term. What does laryngoplegia mean?
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Dorsal surface of base of tongue Fixed part of tongue NOS Posterior third of tongue. C02 C02.0. Malignant neoplasm of other and unspecified parts of tongue Dorsal surface of tongue Anterior two-thirds of tongue, dorsal surface Excludes: dorsal surface of base of tongue (C01) C02.1. Border of tongue Tip of tongue. C02.2. Ventral surface of tongue These terms are not found in this chapter; however, they are made up of the following familiar word parts. You may want to look in the textbook glossary or use a medical dictionary to check your answers. bronch/o epiglott/o laryng/o pharyng/o pneumon/o trache/o -itis -ologist -plasty -plegia -rrhagia -rrhea -scopy -stenosis 7.81.

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