• I'm new to Juniper, so please forgive me if I'm being an idiot. I was going through a Junos Genious practice test for the JNCIA and noticed the attached question. I'm confused because apparently the correct answer is so-1/1/2. But given all the material I've seen so far the first FPC/PIC/Port is always 0 which would mean that this should be so ...
  • To control how Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) calculates default metrics for an interface, use the auto-cost command. To assign the default reference bandwidth of 40Gb/s, use the no form of this command.<br /><br />auto-cost reference-bandwidth bandwidth [Gbps | Mbps]<br /><br /><span style="font-weight:bold;">Defaults<br /></span><br />40 Gb/s.
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  • I want to check a Juniper Switch's port bandwidth usage. [email protected]# run show interfaces ge-0/1/1 Physical interface: ge-0/1/1, Enabled, Physical link is Up Interface index: 281, SNMP ifIndex: 717 Link-level type: Ethernet, MTU: 1514, MRU: 0, Speed: 1000mbps, Duplex...
  • To increase bandwidth without obtaining more hardware resources or requiring more IP addresses, configure Eth-Trunk interfaces using the link aggregation technique.
  • play_arrow Contacting Juniper Networks Technical Support. Output from both the show interfaces interface-name detail and the show interfaces interface-name extensive commands include all the information displayed in the output from the show interfaces statistics command.
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Jun 09, 2010 · From the command line interface (CLI): set interface trust bandwidth 5000 [Enter] set interface untrust bandwidth 5000 [Enter] set traffic-shaping mode on [Enter] This would ensure nothing greater than 5000 kbits/sec gets passed across the interface, regardless of what is configured on the policy. Here is the problem or goal: Next is the Juniper QFX5100-48S; this model has 48 10GbE interfaces as well as 6 40GbE interfaces. There are no modules, but there is enough bandwidth to provide 2:1 over-subscription. There is 480 Gbps of downstream bandwidth from the 48 10GbE interfaces and 240 Gbps of upstream bandwidth from the 6 40bGE interfaces.
Prerequisite is a static IPv4 address on the Internet facing “untrust” interface. The “Example Configuration” from Hurricane Electric is already almost complete. You simple have to replace the “untrust” keyword for your layer 3 untrust interface: Step-by-Step through the GUI. Anyway, doing it by hand through the GUI involves these ...
We have two Juniper SSG 5 firewalls which setup by a resigned engineer. Firewall 1 had enabled bandwidth monitor and firewall 2 don't. I want to setup firewall 2 to have bandwidth monitor as same as firewall 1(refer to the screenshoots), and i do not want to use external server to collect snmp data, just simple local bandwidth information is good enough to me. Aug 23, 2006 · Listing A offers sample output of the show interfaces command, displaying four different types of interfaces: Gigabit Ethernet, Loopback, Tunnel, and Serial. Notice how each type of interface has ...
Mar 24, 2016 · 2/ on any JUNOS platform (example below for 10GE interface, substitute for your interface name): start shell user root ifconfig xe-y/z/w down ifconfig xe-y/z/w up exit WARNING – if You abort command sequence after “ifconfig .. down” and forget to bring interface up in shell, then Your interface will display as & stay DOWN in JUNOS CLI ... You issue the command telnet interface ge-1/1/0 source bypass-routing. Which statement is correct? A. The bypass-routing parameter is ignored when using private IP addressing.

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