• There are many ways to crochet in the round. Each one has its own merits and everyone has their favourite. They are not all interchangeable, but once you understand the 'anatomy' behind them, it will be easier for you to decide if you can swap them in specific patterns and how this will affect your work.
  • Jan 02, 2016 · Crochet Bracelet pattern. Begin with a magic ring Round 1: 4 sc in the magic ring (4) Round 2: 1 sc in every st (4) This might be hard because it’s so small! Round 3: *1sc in next st, inc* repeat 3 times (7) Round 4: 1 sc in each st across (7) Repeat round 4 till the ‘tube’ is long enough.
  • Aug 30, 2016 · You’ll be surprised how much yarn you can fit on one single bobbin! While working the Power Rangers blanket I was able to fit enough yarn on one bobbin to crochet the next 25 squares. TWENTY-FIVE squares! Awesome! These bobbins help to keep yarn ends from tangling, allowing you to turn your work without the dreaded turning of ALL of your yarn.
  • Learn how to carry yarn colors in this Corner to Corner (C2C) tutorial: 5 Tips to Carrying Yarn Colors. Knowing how to choose the right yarn for your crochet project will help you get the results you Tunisian crochet in the round with a double ended crochet hook, using two colors is a great...
  • i’m thinking about designing this pattern for one of my cats and it’s basically going to be like a tube with a mouse head stitched on. it will be worked in the round and i want to incorporate 3+ colors. these colors will be scattered all around. the best way i can describe it is that it will have a polka dot pattern look, but will consist of only a few stitches of one color in one place.
  • A how-to video with TOFT's Kerry Lord, creator of crochet pattern book, Edward's Menagerie. Learn how to create a colour change in the round using a UK double crochet stitch, or an American single crochet stitch. Once you've mastered simple colour changing, watch our next video for complex colour changing.
This tutorial shows you step by step how to carry your yarn when working in rounds. It provides you with lots of images to help you along. If you enjoyed this tutorial you might also enjoy more tutorials and crochet designs by EyeLoveKnots.
Jun 18, 2013 · There is no need to cut yarn between color changes when knitting colorwork or stripes. Carrying yarn up the side of your work allows you to bring the different colors discreetly up the edge. Consistency is the key to a professional edge and this video will guide you to expert color changing.
Work the double crochet in the first color, in the stitch before a color change, in the old color yarn over and insert hook in stitch, yarn over and pull up a loop (3 loops on hook), yarn over and pull through 2 loops (2 loops left on hook), with the new color yarn over and pull through two loops (the loop left on the hook will be in the new color). Join the yarn at the top left front corner of the body Round 1: (Ch3,2DC) in the same Ch Sp, *Ch1, 3DC in the next Ch sp* , rep * to * across to the last ch sp, TURN. Round 2: Ch4, 3DC in the next Ch sp, *Ch1, 3DC in the next Ch sp*, rep from * to * across to the last ch Sp, TURN.
Nov 03, 2020 · Make two, lightly stuffed and worked in the round, using colour (A) yarn make a mc. Round 1. Ch 1, sc 6 into mc, place st marker into 6 th sc and continue to work in the round (6 sc). Round 2. Sc 2 into each st (12 sc). Round 3 *Sc 2 into next st, sc into next st*, rep *.* 5 more times (18 sc). Round 4
Multi-strand crochet is a really straightforward technique in which you crochet exactly as you always do except that you hold two (or more) strands of yarn together throughout the project. This is different from niche techniques, such as tapestry crochet , where you carry one yarn behind the work and crochet only with the second yarn, switching ... Jul 13, 2016 - Explore Vanessa Cook's board "Yarn" on Pinterest. See more ideas about yarn, knitting, yarn porn.
Jan 15, 2010 · With size “K” crochet hook and plarn, Ch 41. Round 1: Sc in 2 nd ch from hook and in each ch across. Do not turn, sc in each unworked loop of ch. (40 sc) Round 2: Sc in first sc of previous. Mark as first sc. Sc in each sc around. Repeat Round 2 (44) times. Work Handles: On next round: Sc in next 14 sc. *Ch 40. Oct 13, 2014 · Carrying Yarn up Inside While Knitting in the Round Instructional Article - Rachel shows how you can carry your yarn up the inside of your project without having to cut it every time you change the color. Jimmy Beans Wool offers Free U.S. Flat Rate shipping for orders over $75, $5 U.S. Flat Rate shipping on all other orders!

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