• Even with my Titleist SM6 which I liked, I would not have the confidence to hit full shots with it and opt to hit my 54-degree wedge instead, I would find it to be a little erratic when I did, and some shots would pop up too high, or I would push them right.
  • Oct 06, 2020 · A high loft would need a wider and shallow groove. This would ensure you to have a good shot while doing short plays. In the S18, you would see that more or less all the line-ups have only one bounce option. Well, the 56 and 60 degrees are the odd ones out from this.
  • Dec 27, 2016 · In an ideal world, the lie angle of your golf clubs will allow you to hit any type of golf shot with the swing that you have. You could hit the all nine shots -- draw, straight and fade in high ...
  • Maybe you are hitting your wedges too high and losing distance. Or perhaps you just aren’t getting enough consistent contact. Here are a few tips that will help you add more distance: Move the golf ball back in your golf stance towards your back foot. When hitting a wedge shot, golfers need to have a steeper angle down at the ball to compress ...
  • Aug 06, 2020 · Received my 40º, 53º, and 57º wedges over the weekend. Today was my first day and I would say that I am impressed. Spin is great around the greens on chip shots and approach shots. Hit a couple of shots near the toe and the distance was consistent. So far after one round…I am impressed!!
  • As you can see, the natural instinct is for the hands to beat the club head back to the bag. This could be a contributing factor as to why you’re hitting iron shots too high. If you stay on your back foot too much, and the club head beats your hands back to the ball, you will not deliver the clubhead in a strong position at impact.
The Square Strike Wedge’s putter-like design allows for a straight-back-straight-through swing that makes your pitch and chip shot so much easier and more accurate. It’s easier to control than a regular wedge or iron. It practically impossible to hit fat. And it prevents rotating so the clubface stays square to the target through impact.
The best shot hit with each club in the bag in 2018 ... His tee shot was too far left, leaving trees between him and the flag. ... Woods generated enormous speed with a pitching wedge for a shot ...
Sep 25, 2017 · What I get asked all the time is “Why does my ball go too high or go too low?” It’s really all of the answer is about how much loft there is at impact. If I add loft at impact, like I will on this ball, you’ll see the launch angle go up and the dynamic loft go up. A golf shaft that is too weak will flex excessively throughout the golf swing, creating an inconsistent release point. Swinging with a weak shaft flex can hurt you in both windy and wet conditions. Because the spin is so high when you hit it with a weaker flex, the wind will magnify the spin and decrease your distance and accuracy.
Aug 03, 2008 · I love wedge setup and belive it is the best part of the game . . bashing balls on a range is pretty boring – but a couple of hours hitting flop shots, spin shots, making it spin left or spin right after bouncing is a lot of fun. But you are right you need a good wedge setup for it. Here are some ideas. 1.
Jan 15, 2020 · The American stock market has been hitting historic highs since 2016, and has started 2020 with new records. On Jan. 9 Donald Trump, who often boasts of the impact of his presidency on stock ... Jul 10, 2020 · For golfers that hit the ball too high, they may need a stiffer and heavier shaft. If you are hitting the ball straight and you don’t want to play around with the flex on your shaft, then you can always add weight. Many companies will offer a regular flex shaft in 50 grams but also one in 60 grams for the faster swing speed player.
Jan 15, 2016 · The five essentials to hitting a High Spinning wedge shot are as follows. 1. Perfect Lie – Putting maximum spin on a wedge shot requires the right lie.Specifically, the ball must be sitting up and lying cleanly, with little or no grass behind it. I carry four wedges: pitching, gap, sand and lob. The lofts are 47, 52, 57 and 62 degrees. For me, a full swing with a pitching wedge flies 140 yards, and a full lob wedge goes 90.

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