• Mar 23, 2015 · Those noises you hear while driving about in your Accord may be irritating, but they also indicate that your car may have a mechanical fault. Therefore , it's vital to trace the source of that grinding sound, and address the problem as quickly as possible because delays usually result in costly mechanical failures.
  • Nov 19, 2009 · I've just started to get a knocking noise from the rear right wheel, can only really hear it at low speed but it's in time with the wheel moving and gets louder if I brake (If the bearing has gone when I brake it could move the disc?). I don't seem to get a whirring noise, although it’s hard to tell as my exhaust is quite loud.
  • Very lod when driving, mine does increase a bit in intensity at higher speeds. As I make long right This is funny, I also have a wheel bearing problem, it is my rear right, disappears on right turns... If the noise disappears during a right turn, it is a right side bearing that is faulty - you should be able to...
  • When I drive at low speeds say 20mph, I can hear a grinding noise from rear tire, also when I hit my brakes it also makes a pretty loud grinding noise. I was just out there checking my brakes, and they are there, so I have no clue what is up. its obviously not from having no brake pads.
  • The warning indicator will make a grinding noise that goes away with application. Try driving slow when you hear the noise and then slightly apply hand/e-brake pressure and see if the noise stops. If it does then you need new rear pads. I1
  • Apr 20, 2020 · Noise from rear end when turning on Ford F-150 Problem Description If a noise from the rear end is heard when going around turns or after driving at highway speed for an extended period, there is an updated differential clutch kit available.
Continue driving if the brakes are not the source of the noise. Make both a right turn and a left turn. If you hear the noise only when making one of these turns or the noise worsens when you make a turn, the problem is likely to be a wheel bearing.
May 28, 2014 · I am having some grinding, scraping noise coming from my front drivers side wheel when I turn my steering wheel to the right. I believe this to be a wheel bearing going bad, I have already this replaced once before about 3 years ago. I have been reading the forums and see that some people have...
Wheel Bearing Failure. In some cases, this squealing noise may be due to a worn out axle or wheel bearing. The bearings act as a buffer between the wheel and axle and when they wear out, there is friction, leading to squealing. If the problem is ignored for long, the wheel bearing noise will transform from being a squeal to a grinding sound. Scraping noise from wheel while driving is very common and the fix is even easier. Sometimes it's just a small rock and sometimes it's caused by a bent backi...
Dec 16, 2020 · Let’s be clear on this, the wheel bearing noise in your car is one of the hardest to diagnose. Why? Because you have to drive the car to hear the noise. When the car stops, the noise stops. There are, however, a few ways to diagnose the wheel bearing noise in your car. 1) Listen While Driving. When you are in the driving seat, listen closely.
As a reference and to help others in the future, I replaced the rear passenger side wheel hub and the whole noise was completely gone. Why the passenger side? Because while sharp turning right the noise was going away. So that told me when lifting the weight out of that tire the noise was cancelling. It took me like 4 hours, very painful job. So I'm driving to work this morning and all of a sudden I hear this metallic grinding noise coming from my left front wheel. Sounded like squeeling disc brakes after a car wash. Only thing is I wasn't braking but going up a hill! I thought to myself, [email protected]#% I got a flat and i'm riding on my rim! so I pulled over to check it out ...
Is the noise coming from the front or rear? You can reach in and bend out the metal shield from behind the rotor. Sometimes stones can get stuck in there or road debris can hit it, making it scrape the rotor surface. My I30 is grinding/squealing from the passenger side rear wheel. It sounds like metal dragging on the rotor, but I'm pretty sure it's not related to the pad, because braking from any speed doesn't change the sound. I don't have anything to record it. Hopefully someone has a useful suggestion.

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