• Forcing certain dependency version in case of the conflict. Excluding certain dependencies by name, group or both. More details about per-dependency exclusions can be found in docs for ModuleDependency.exclude(java.util.Map).; Avoiding transitive dependencies for certain dependency.
  • Open a second File Explorer window and go to the directory where the Gradle distribution was downloaded. Double-click the ZIP archive to expose the content. Drag the content folder gradle-6.7.1 to your newly created C:\Gradle folder. Alternatively you can unpack the Gradle distribution ZIP into C:\Gradle using an archiver tool of your choice ...
  • Message-ID: [email protected]> Subject: Exported From Confluence MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: multipart/related; boundary ...
  • * The Gradle Kotlin DSL, which is nearing production-readiness, substantially improves the assistance/docs one gets through the IDE. * However, the Kotlin DSL does not help with the large API surface and understanding of Gradle concepts, so I have been working on improved docs and best practices for the past few months.
  • Dec 12, 2020 · For someone who has never published an artifact to be available to others the process can be somewhat unclear, and scarce documentation makes things even more daunting. If on top of that you’re using Gradle Kotlin DSL build scripts then chances are documentation could be even sparser.
This is the second article in a series about creating a Kotlin project with Gradle configured using the Kotlin DSL. In the previous one, we discussed why I think it’s a good idea to use Gradle w ...
Sep 20, 2014 · Gradle script downloads the JAR and the dependency JAR when gradle script run. This dependency is called transitive dependency. Gradle script downloads the JAR from maven central or any other location which we specify. Sometimes we come in the situation to exclude transitive dependency. The scenario can be like 1.
Could not find method deobfCompile() for arguments [electroblobs-wizardry:EletroblobsWizardry:4.3.1:MC1.12.2] on object of type org.gradle.api.internal.artifacts.dsl ... The next webcast that Gradle will be doing is about maximizing developer productivity with Gradle Enterprise, which is really a training session. So a lot of the things that we really touched on in scans today and kind of breezed past, we’ll be going much more in-depth and really getting into the nitty-gritty of how all that works.
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If so, in my case the issue was that I accidentally included the user / password into the systemProp.http.proxyHost URL instead of splitting them out into the systemProp.http.proxyUser and systemProp.http.proxyPassword properties. – sschuberth Feb 24 at 13:43 Best Java code snippets using org.gradle.api.artifacts.dsl. DependencyConstraintHandler (Showing top 6 results out of 315) Add the Codota plugin to your IDE and get smart completions
Gradle caches the contents and artifacts of changing modules. By default, these cached values are kept for 24 hours, after which the cached entry is expired and the module is resolved again. Use this method to provide a custom expiry time after which the cached entries for any changing module will be expired.api / org.gradle.kotlin.dsl / org.gradle.api.artifacts.dsl.DependencyHandler Extensions for org.gradle.api.artifacts.dsl.DependencyHandler

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