• Quirk. Begins and sentences with >> & >>X respectively (as though traveling to a destination, marked by X). Capitalizes the letters N, S, E, & W (after the points of a compass). No capitalization otherwise except for proper names and titles. No punctuation except for exclamation marks, interrogation marks, and ellipses. Often uses run-on sentences.
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  • Sep 29, 2018 - A homestuck Roleplay about a SBURB/SGRUB session with OCs. Ask to join, or if you need help with OCs! YOU MIST HAVE AT LEAST 1 HUMAN AND 1 TROLL OC. NO CANON CHARACTERS, BUT THEY CAN BE MENTIONED.
  • 名作長文. タイピング技能検定 e-typing master. 就職に、進学に、インターネットで受験できる資格検定です。 無料の模擬試験で受験する級の選択が出来ます。
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(Terezi Pyrope, Nepeta Leijon, Feferi Peixes, Sans, Papyrus, Flowey, Annoying Dog and that'll be all.)
Vriska is cerulean-blooded and takes the role of an antihero in Homestuck. Being raised by a giant spider, Vriska uses a spider-themed typing quirk and aspires to be a pirate. Her weapon is a set of legendary eight-sided dice, which, depending on what they roll, can cause devastating attacks. Her astrological sign is Scorpio.
Discover recipes, home ideas, style inspiration and other ideas to try.alternians animalstuck aradia megido cats equius zahhak eridan ampora feferi peixes gamzee makara kanaya maryam karkat vantas kneeling nepeta leijon sollux captor tavbro tavros nitram terezi pyrope vriska serket | 113556
Tags: feferi peixes (homestuck), rin asano (blade of the immortal), sayaka miki (madoka magica), barnaby brooks jr [t&b], cailan theirin [dragon age], haymitch abernathy (hunger games), kallen kazouki [code geass], kotetsu kaburagi [tiger & bunny], miles edgeworth [ace attorney], wanda maximoff [marvel 616], — dropped characters —
The voice I picture Cronus having is a strong mix between a 50′s greaser and Christopher Walken. What I discovered is that if you implement a Russian accent, his quirk sorta becomes like Eridan’s quirk. Sign In. Fanpop. Feferi Peixes.
† feferi peixes | witch of life - 24 uses † finn the human | bodaciousest of heroe - 11 uses † flash thompson | agent venom - 2 uses † flint marko | sandman - 5 uses † floyd lawton | deadshot - 8 uses † floyd pinkerton | pink floyd - 23 uses † fluttershy | kindheart - 10 uses † francis billings | spikes - 2 uses Like the other eleven trolls, Feferi uses a certain typing quirk, namely turning uppercase e into a TRID---ENT, and turning h into) (. Otherwise, she uses excellent syntax. There will, of course, be a permissions post so people can opt out of her typing quirk; I understand that some people find the text difficult or irritating to read.

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