• El Elegua en su cazuela, en el calderito de hierro se encuentran dos Orishas que son Ochosi y Oggun, juntos siempre y el Osun es la pieza matalica que suele tener un gallito encima. Los guerreros son especialmente para proteccion de su dueño, con los cuales este puede hacer muchas obras para mejorar su vida y la de los demas.
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  • Others have interpreted the figure as Oshun, the Orisha of love, depicted alongside warrior deities Elegua and Ogun, the Orisha of war. Together they come to represent resistance to the corruption of Cuba by imperialist powers.
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  • Mar 11, 2010 · Eleggua. A fetish head representing Eleggua, the Santeria Orisha of doorways and crossroads. These effigies are made of items sacred to Eleggua, with cowries for facial features. They are most commonly placed behind or near doors for protection, or kept on altars to receive offerings ( ebo) made to the Orisha. To learn more about Eleggua: Eleggua.
  • On this date, from 1800, we celebrate the Shango religion, one of many African inspired religions practiced in the Americas. Practiced primarily in Trinidad, Grenada, and Recife (Brazil) where it is known as Xango, it was developed in the 19th century.
Prayer for Eleggua: Echu obá loná tosí gbogbo ona iré o aché Ogún. Ogún is the god of iron, war and labor. He is the owner of all technology and because this technology shares in his nature, it is almost always used first for war. As Elegguá opens the roads, it is Ogún that clears the roads with his machete.
Eleggua Holy Guardian Angel - The messenger between the human and divine worlds, Undergod of duality, crossroads and beginnings, and also a phallic and fertility Undergod (an Embodiment of Life) and the deliverer of souls to the underworld (an Embodiment of Death).
Oct 08, 2010 · Elegua sat under the shade of Iroko for hours talking and listening to Iroko’s stories that he has seen in the forest. Elegua who is always noisy sat there drank his rum and played with 5 precious stones that he had in his bag. Iroko then started to tell Elegua how happy he was that he stopped and talked with him. Ochosi Oracion ... Ochosi Oracion
Dec 13, 2010 · Santeria (Santería in Spanish, meaning "Way of the Saints") is a set of related religious systems that fuse Roman Catholic beliefs with traditional Yorùbá beliefs, that over time became a unique religion in its own right.
Dream Interpretation indicates that the symbol of blue eyes means failures, intrigues of enemies, gossip, harm due to your own indecision. But also the plot in a dream promises the success of the upcoming undertakings, the flow of important information, a journey. Elegua is the guardian of entrances, roads and paths. He is the first Orisha to be invoked in a ceremony and the last one to be bid farewell. He has to be first in anything, just like a spoiled child. The first rhythms of the drums belong to him. He must be petitioned before all the oracles.
Enter the World of Spirits! The Encyclopedia of Spirits is a comprehensive and entertaining A to Z of spirits from around this world and the next. Apr 10, 2016 - Extremely powerful Orisha. He is the gatekeeper & the road opener. He works very fast. He is the embodiment of divine or karmic justice. Sacred number: 3 Colors: Black & Red Day of the Week: Monday for normal purposes & Friday for battle. .

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