• I have a Model 358 352180 18" Crapsman chainsaw too and it will not even pop with primer. I have worked on small engines for years and this is the first one that stumped me this bad. I did find they had the primer hoses on backwards and I corrected that but it has spark, compression and fuel and it should at least pop.
  • Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! I need a diagram showing how the fuel lines are routed on my Craftsman chaninsaw model #358.350280. The lines deteriorated and I can't tell where they were hooked up before.
  • DescriptionTygon Fuel Gas Lines + Fuel Filters + Air Filter + Primer Bulb For poulan, craftsman Chainsaw.Package Included:1 pc Air Filter replacement OEM P/N: 5300377931 pc Primer Bulb replacement OEM P/N: 188-513 /188-513-12 pc Fuel Filter replacement OEM P/N: 5300956461 pc 2 ft I.D .080 x O.D .140 /2mm x3.5mm (yellow or clear) Part # 66161 pc 2ft I.D 3/32 x O.D 3/16 /2.5mm x5mm Part ...
  • Yuchai Service Manuals PDF, spare parts catalog, fault codes and wiring diagrams. YUCHAI PDF Manual Free Download. Yuchai Yc 8 Models 2010 - Hydraulic Excavator Product Series. YUCHAI Construction machinery line-up.
  • Craftsman Chainsaw Fuel Line Replacement.
  • Need to fix your 358350880 Chainsaw? Use our part lists, interactive diagrams, accessories and expert repair advice to make your repairs easy. Craftsman 358350880 Chainsaw Parts. Search within model.
GASOLINE CHAIN SAW. Model No. 358.352680 - 18 in. Bar ... maintained, lubricated and tuned up according to the owner's manual, Sears will. 301FREE ADS. May 22, 2017 - CRAFTSMAN 16" 18" CHAINSAW FUEL LINE REPAIR ... user manual. pages: 26. see prices; craftsman chainsaw...
Engine diagram and repair parts lookup for Craftsman 316.350840 (41AY85AR799) - Craftsman Chainsaw (Sears) COVID-19 UPDATE: Call Center OPEN (from home) and Warehouse SHIPPING to all 50 states (with some USPS/UPS/FedEx delays) Learn more >
A two-cycle engine, such as those on a Craftsman chainsaw, uses a carburetor connected to the fuel tank to mix air into fuel before delivering it to the engine. The fuel lines, which run between ... I have replaced the fuel line, filter, and cleaned the carbon off the piston, shaft, and spark plug entrance. I'd like to see an exploded view on paper instead of one on my bench. I am repairing my elderly handicapped neighbor's chainsaw that sat idle for so many years the fuel line disintegrated.
Craftsman 18 inch chainsaw fuel line diagram tole www need diagram for fuel lines craftsman chainsaw model 358350370 craftsman chainsaw no start fuel line repair you 35 poulan pro fuel line schamatic for my craftsman 358.356070 18inch gas chainsaw. Report This by Manage My Life.
Can it be used for craftsman model 358.350460 chainsaw? Karen M. for Model Number 112. Answer Karen, yes the 530069216 / 530069216 Line Kit (supply) will fit on your Craftsman chainsaw. The fuel return line kit is 530069247 / 530069247 and the fuel line filter is 530095646 / 530095646 Thanks, Craftsman Chainsaw Manuals. Craftsman 358.31080 Chainsaw Manual. Craftsman 358.34020 Chainsaw Manual. Craftsman 358.34021 Chainsaw Manual. Craftsman 358.34031 Chainsaw Manual. Craftsman 358.34030 Chainsaw Manual. Craftsman 358.341010 Chainsaw Manual. Craftsman 358.341020 Chainsaw Manual. Craftsman 358.341000 Chainsaw Manual
poulan built craftsman 42cc, 18" model # 358. 350670 chainsaw fuel tank rear trigger handle Part: fuel tank rear trigger handle with throttle trigger, safety and bar stud set Condition: good used/working shape Fits: Poulan built 42cc, 18" model # 358. 350670 Craftsman chainsaws Need some help putting in new fuel lines on my Craftsman chainsaw (358.352180). All the old lines have disintegrated to the point I can't tell what connection Thanks but that diagram doesn't help with the connections on the carburetor ... which fuel line connects to #1 and which line connects to #2?

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