• We are the UK’s largest ecu programming service dealer group/franchise with over 800 dealers and 1000+ Approved Installation Centres. Represented in over 83 countries, the Quantum Remap is truly a global brand & best chip tuning company.
  • ECU Testing and ECU Repairs. We offer ECU testing and ECU repairs for all major vehicle manufacturers, such as: Ford, Vauxhall, VW, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Seat, Fiat and Rover. Please see our products page to check if your unit is available or type your part number using the search facility above.
  • Jun 18, 2013 · Download MegaTunix Tuning Software for free. OSS MEgasquirt, LibreEMS, JimStim tuning software. MegaTunix is a cross-platform tuning application for some of the available DIY Fuel Injection controllers, including the MegaSquirt (MS1, MS1-Extra, MS2 and MS2-Extra) as well as the LibreEMS EFI system and the JimStim ECU stimulator/development tool.
  • Remanufactured BMW ECU. In the event that the BMW ECU Repair is not an option for your BMW ECU we can provide you with a Remanufactured BMW ECU/DME that is Plug and Play. Through our manufacturing process we can unlock an ECU/DME and Reprogram the Remanufactured ECU for your vehicle. These ECU/DMEs come with a 1 Year Parts Replacement Warranty
  • BMW 2005 N62 V8 4.4L Engine Control Unit DME E65 E60 E63 7542300. C $186.21 + C $19.26 shipping . BMW 2004 N62 V8 4.4L Engine Control Unit Computer Brain ECU DME USED ...
  • E70 X5M. Through custom ECU tuning we are able to add over 80hp and 110ft/lb of torque in addition to improving drivability by increasing boost output, modifying BMW’s dual variable cam timing (VANOS), drive by wire tables, and fuel and ignition maps. The vehicle’s top speed governor is removed.
AT200 For BMW ECU Programming Tool Software Install Guide. AT200 is 2019 new ECU programming tool for BMW ECU clone and all key lost .
ECU Remapping & Tuning Software and dyno tuning information. Available 24/7, instant download.
The BMW Assist system could also use the phone network to notify the driver and their preferred BMW dealership when servicing was due. Other features available in the E60 initially included active cruise control , Bi-Xenon headlights , run-flat tyres , active anti-roll bars , [16] head-up display [17] and active steering . [5] ECU programming is the process of taking a ROM file and placing it into permanent storage inside a vehicle's engine management ECU. The following information is an overview of what's typically involved in reprogramming a car.
Tuning the ECU of your BMW i8 is possible with VR Tuned. The driving characteristics are vastly improved while providing you additional benefits that your engine craves for. With this additional programming to adjust your ecu calibrations, we also make changes to the torque limiter to provide better throttle response.
BMW ECU Solutions was recommended to me on a forum and I couldn't be happier with the expertise and professionalism provided. Communication was awesome and EGS matching turn around time couldn't have been any faster. If I need any ECU solutions in the future, I will definitely be using BMW ECU Solutions again. Sep 03, 2015 · Update procedure is done. Now open SP-daten and start programming. Step 2: Programming/Update ECU in WinKFP. How to program/update BMW E46 318 M43TU Engine ECU with WinKFP? Setup WinKFP on INPA cable. 1) Open WinKFP software on desktop
The BMW e36 Link is a direct plug in replacement of the factory BMW ecu. The factory ECU case is used to cover the Link board. A small modification to the case is needed to allow for a vacuum line to connect to the internal Link ecu features an on-board 4.0 MAP sensor. As an independent specialist, our team at BM Tec Ltd have the freedom to offer a range of prices and will fit either genuine or patent parts at the customer’s request. We are one of the first independent BMW and Mini specialists in the Greater Manchester area. We offer affordable servicing and repairs to any BMW regardless of age.

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