• Align the spindle nut socket up with the axle nut you wish to remove. Turn the axle nut counterclockwise to remove it from the axle. There may be over 150 foot-pounds of torque on your spindle nut if it is a factory set nut. Do not stand on the breaker bar to apply pressure.
  • 3/8 in. Banjo Bolt Tapered Socket Head ... Chrome Deep Hex Bolt Nut 3/4" Axle Covers, 7/8 inch Depth, 20 Pack ... Size. Large ...
  • Oct 20, 2005 · I use a 1 1/4" 1/2" drive socket for those nuts. i dont know what the correct metric conversion is. Once you get that big, it doesnt matter.
  • Other Socket Drive Sizes. Looking for a list of wrench sizes along with a conversion chart? SAE to Metric Conversion Chart. Ever come across a nut or bolt where you need two of the same size wrench? Can't find a certain size of standard wrench or socket and want to know what the metric...
  • 36.35 USD. For removing front wheel drive axle nuts. Impact rated 6-point chrome vanadium sockets. Socket sizes cover most applications. Includes 30 mm, 32 mm, 34 mm and 36 mm sockets. Any automotive specialty tool will help make an automotive repair or maintenance task easier...
  • Lug Nut Socket Size found in: Wheel Tech Information - Proper Lug Nuts or Lug Bolts, Wheel Tech Information - Wheel Lug Torquing, Tire Tech.. …the quantity, size, seat design, length and size of wrench needed. In some cases, we'll be able to supply a different socket if your Original Equipment...
*Manufactures Size Charts are supplied by manufactures, and are not 100% accurate or consistent. Sizes may vary within manufactures given sizes for boot by a whole size or more. If you have question or cannot figure out your boot size please contact SkateNow for assistance in sizing your skates.
Bill of Materials — 10036774 — PreSet Plus Hub Assembly: Item Description Material Qty Unit Type; 10026147: RED SNAP RING: STEEL: 1: EA: Spindle Nut Lock Ring: 10031179: SNAP RING - DOUBLE WIND
Socket Size: 36 mm: 34 mm: 36 mm: 33 mm: Socket Depth: Deep: Deep: Deep: Deep: Number of Pieces: 1: 1: 1: 1: Socket Type: Impact Socket: Impact Socket: Hex: Impact Socket: Hand Tool Type: Individual Socket: Individual Socket: Individual Socket: Individual Socket: View Product: View Product: View Product: View Product The 36-millimeter axle-nut socket services many General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler full-size vehicles. The 32-millimeter axle-nut socket services late-model Honda and Chrysler vehicles. The 34-millimeter axle-nut socket services many General Motors mid-size vehicles.
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stop bolts (1) and jam nuts (2). Refer to the axle selection charts for the recommended steering stop bolt setting for your combine. Set the stop bolt to the recommended setting (X) to avoid machine interference with the tire when the axle oscillates. The stop bolt length is measured at side of socket set screw Metric nut dimensions sizes chart according to ISO 4032. M3 Nut Dimensions: Pitch: 0.5 mm, s max: 5.50 mm, s min: 5.32 mm, e min: 6.01 mm, m max: 2.40 mm, m min: 2.15 mm. M4 Nut Dimensions: Pitch: 0.70 mm, s max: 7.00 mm, s min: 6.78 mm, e min: 7.66 mm, m max: 3.2 mm, m min: 2.9 mm. M5 Nut Dimensions: Pitch: 0.80 mm, s max: 8.00 mm, s min: 7.78 mm, e min: 8.79 mm, m max: 4.7 mm, m min: 4.4 mm. M6 Nut Dimensions:
12. Install the wheels and tires but do not tighten the lug nuts to specification at this time. 13. Check the axle lubricant level. 14. Lower the vehicle. 15. Tighten the wheel lug nuts. 16. Tighten the axle shaft retaining bolts. (Axle shaft bolts get 80 ft-lb.) You should be able to find the special socket on a number of tool sites. Hope that ... SPINDLE NUT KITS Fits Dexter 10K HD, 12K and 15K. 1-3/4 - 12 UNF. For one end. RG05-020 : 1"-14 SPNDL NUT, PKG 2EA W/TONGUE WASHER & COTTER-PIN

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