• • Cooperative brood care ... Leaf Cutter Ants (Atta texana): Leaf Cutter Ants (Atta texana): 12/15/2016 8 Leaf Cutter Ant Management
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  • The potency of MMPC is quite amazing: 1 milligram of this substance is theoretically sufficient to draw a trail that foragers of Atta texana and Atta cephalotes will follow three times around Earth’s circumference —and that record has recently been broken in the case of Atta vollenweideri: 1 milligram of this trail pheromone would be enough ...
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Black lights work wonders at attracting ant alates during nuptial flights at night so attaching that to a bucket with a funneled entrance will take care of the ant hunting at night. You can release any ones you don't want.
how to get rid of leaf cutter ants rid number cutting leaf of researchgate disease and plant control of atta texas planet ants get treatment died planet ants cutter natural rust how symptoms leaf that texana to people for the ethical treatment of animals peta . Atta texana is a fungus-farming ant species of the genus Atta, found in Texas, Louisiana and northeastern states of Mexico. Common names include town ant, parasol ant, fungus ant, Texas...
Mating activities of Atta texana (Hymenoptera, Formicidae). Treesearch. John C. Moser. 1967-01-01. The town ant, Atta texana (Buckley) is the northernmost representative of the most specialized genus of Attini, a New World tribe of fungus-growing myrmicine ants.
Atta sexdens is a species of leafcutter ant belonging to the tribe Attini, native to the New World, from the southern United States to northern Argentina.[2] They are absent from Chile. They cut leaves to provide a substrate for the fungus farms which are their principal source of food. Their societies are among the most complex found in social insects. A. sexdens is an ecologically important ... The care lavished by ants on their brood is a matter of such fre- ... {Atta texana), each with its piece of leaf poised in its mandibles. I vividly remember
See full list on urbanentomology.tamu.edu This is my Atta texana colony. They are very energetic ants. They cut leaves to grow their Fungus.

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