• CPS R410A Charging Hoses (1/2"-20UNF) Airefrig Part Number Description List Price Ex GST HJ3 Hose Set 900mm Long – Blue, Red, Yellow (R410A) $89.97 HJ5 Hose Set 1500mm Long – Blue, Red, Yellow (R410A) $121.77 HJ3B Hose 900mm Long – Blue (R410A) $31.11 HJ3R Hose 900mm Long – Red (R410A) $31.11
  • Deluxe series Heat Exchangers are designed to provide a maximum of heat transfer efficiency with a minimum of pressure drop. They are conservatively rated in horsepower and therefore easy to select for a particular application. Installation is simplified as connections are of proper size to match suction and liquid lines of standard units. Installation is neat …
  • How To Charge 410a Refrigerant
  • Compressor operation is possible within the limits shown on the diagrams of application. Please note the coloured areas. Compressor application limits should not be chosen for design purposes or continuous operation.
  • Mass flow rates through six EEVs were measured by varying the EEV opening, inlet and outlet pressures, and the subcooling. Mass flow rates of R410A were compared with those of R22 at the same test conditions. Based on the experimental data, an empirical correlation for mass flow predictions in EEVs was developed by modifying the orifice equation.
  • A liquid subcooling level of 15 F was maintained for all the test conditions. The tests showed that performance of these three lower-GWP alternative refrigerants is comparable to that of R-410A. For the 20 F superheat and 15 F subcooling test conditions, EERs of R32, DR-5, and L-41A were 90% to 99%, 96% to 99%, and 94% to 101%, respectively ...
Inadequate subcooling can result from a variety of problems, including inadequate airflow over the condenser, insufficient refrigerant charge, or problems with the thermal expansion valve. Tip Optimum superheat and subcooling temperatures vary for different systems.
LONG LINE SET APPLICATION R-410A Before connecting tubing, read the outdoor unit installation manual. Pay particular attention to all safety precautions. This long line set application guideline applies to all AHRI listed R-410A air conditioner and heat pump split system matches of nominal capacity 18,000 to 60,000 Btuh.
Explaining Superheat and Subcooling to Your Apprentice! AC Service Tech LLC. What Should my AC Pressures Be for R410A Refrigerant. Benjamin Sahlstrom.PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION 4 S S Z 14 036 1 A A Major Revision SEER SEER Rating Nominal Capacity Electrical 1: 208/230V/60Hz/1ph 3: 208/230V/60Hz/3ph 4: 460V/60Hz/3ph
Temperature and pressure chart for refrigerants R22, R410A, R12, R134A, R401A, R409A, R502, R404A, R507A, R408A and R402A
R410A. R407C. Hydrocarbons. R134A Alternatives. R404A Alternatives. ... Subcooling Calculator. This tool is only available on devices with appropriate screen size. ...An Air-conditioning Unit With R410a Is Operating Under The Following Conditions:  Saturated An air-conditioning unit with R410a is operating under the following conditions:  Saturated condensing...
HVAC Chart 3 Pack, R-22 Superheat Subcooling Calculator, R-410a Superheat Subcooling Calculator and Duct Calculator 4.7 out of 5 stars 63 Yellow Jacket 69196 Superheat/SubCool Calculator R410A is a high pressure A1 HFC refrigerant with 0 ODP which was highly promoted while the transaction period of the HVACR market from CFCs to HFCs. In its chemical mixture, it has 50% of...

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